Advanced Concepts

Accept streaming payments for your token-gated newsletter

Create Superfluid-Protocol enabled token-gating.

We support using Superfluid NFTs, so you can accept streaming payments for your token-gated newsletter.

Deploying the Superfluid contract

The code is opensourced by rashtrakoff@ here:

Deploy & verify the smart contracts contained in that repo.

Call the initWatcher method in the WatcherFactory contract to create a Watcher clone for yourself. Specify the payment flow rate and other parameters.

Use this Watcher contract to token-gate a Paragraph newsletter following these instructions, and gate an example post behind that contract.

Now, when your subscribers try to access this gated post, they'll need to setup a Superfluid stream to your wallet address (eg the one you used to create the clone). If the flow rate they specify is >= the flow rate specified in the contract, access will be granted!

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