Core Concepts

Creating & embedding NFTs

We integrate with so you can create NFTs, embed them in your Paragraph posts, and send them directly to your readers. Read the launch announcement.

This lets you turn posts into collectibles & much more.

Creating NFTs with Highlight

Head to Highlight and create a token.

Choose the chain, and set a name, symbol & description.

Upload an audio, video or image file.

Specify the edition size - fixed (to introduce scarcity) or unlimited.

Set a token price, start or end date, and optionally gate the NFT behind some conditions.

Hit mint, and you'll be given a collection URL that looks like this:

Head on over to Paragraph, and paste that link directly into a new post. It'll turn into an embed!

Paragraph embed link

Readers can connect their wallet to collect this NFT directly in your posts. When sent via email, your subscribers can click "Collect" to be directed to the page above.

Example usecases

Embedding flexible NFTs unlocks a whole array of new usecases. For example:

  • Turn every post into a time-limited NFT to incentivize readers to subscribe & collect

  • Narrate your posts, then create & embed audio NFTs

  • Reward your most loyal subscribers with gated NFT drops

  • Create token-gated posts based on NFTs you’ve embedded in previous posts. Your readers need to collect past content to view future content! (Is anyone excited about the first NFT-powered interactive novel?!)

Publishing Posts