Farcaster integrations

Paragraph has a handful of different integrations with the Farcaster protocol. We believe integrations with sufficiently decentralized social networks such as Farcaster can unlock new & better ways for creators to permissionlessly distribute their content & engage with their community, without needing to rely on closed platforms or network lock-in.

Subscribe to your Farcaster followers

When you first connect your wallet to Paragraph, if that wallet is associated with a Farcaster account, we permissionlessly pull in all your followers & their Paragraph newsletters, letting you subscribe to them in one click. This provides another avenue for writers to grow, and for readers to discover great writers.

At any point after Paragraph account registration, visit your account settings to view this list.

Subscribe to Farcaster followers

View your follower's posts

We showcase all your Farcaster followers' posts in a dedicated feed, letting you view their long-form content without necessarily needing to subscribe to them.

You can also view someone else's feed, given their wallet address. For example, here is everyone that's following dwr:

View your Farcaster follower's posts

We display a feed of the most popular Paragraph posts that are shared on Farcaster:

Comments on Farcaster are displayed on Paragraph posts

Whenever a Paragraph post URL is shared on Farcaster, we permissionlessly pull in all discussion occurring on Farcaster, and display it directly on the post itself.

Most discussion of an article doesn't happen on the article itself -- it happens on social media. This integration allows writers & readers alike to view & join the conversation, even if it's happening elsewhere.

Farcaster comments

Auto-summarizing & sharing your posts on Farcaster

We created a bot on Farcaster that summarizes & casts about your published posts. This bot uses ChatGPT to perform the summarization. This provides another avenue for distributing your content across all of Farcaster.

In order for this bot to cast your content, you need to have your Farcaster wallet address connected to your Paragraph account.

Paragraph bot

Reading Paragraph posts from Arweave