Core Concepts

Customizing Your Publication

Paragraph provides a handful of tools to customize your publication and truly make it your own. All options can be found on your Paragraph publication settings.

Links are used to organize your publication. Links are displayed above your posts on your homepage. You can link to...

  • Any external URLs. Link to your Discord, Twitter, or anything else.
  • Any Paragraph URLs. Link to specific posts, categories (ie, or communities. (These load instantly for your users).


Customize the background and foreground colors of your publication.

In the future, you'll be able to change fonts and perform even more customization.

Custom Domains

Custom domains give your publication polish and help with SEO discovery. For a one-time $50 fee, you can purchase a custom domain directly from directly within Paragraph. After this is unlocked for your account, you can use any domain in your possession for your Paragraph newsletter.


Within your newsletter settings, add your Google Analytics ID to keep track of pageviews, your audience growth, and more.

Sending Newsletters