Advanced Concepts

Referral rewards

Every Paragraph publication has a referral program built-in, to help creators grow by incentivizing & rewarding readers for driving traffic.

Simply append a wallet address to any Paragraph URL, and when users click on the link, you'll get a reward fee automatically sent to your wallet whenever users mint collectible posts.

If a user clicks your referral link and then becomes a Paragraph creator themselves, you'll automatically get an indefinite rake of all the revenue they earn on Paragraph.

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How it works

Add your wallet address to any Paragraph url using the ?referrer param, eg:

  • A post:
  • A newsletter:
  • Any other page:

Whenever your audience clicks on that link, we set your wallet address as the 'referer' for that user for the next 7 days.

If the user mints an NFT on the newsletter you send them to, you get the 'reader referrer' fee.

If the user registers a new account on Paragraph and begins creating content themselves, you'll indefinitely be set as the 'creator referrer' for them, and you'll get the 'creator referrer' fee every time they monetize.

Reward Fees

It's free and gasless to create collectible posts on Paragraph. We charge a fixed fee for all collectors. If there are no referrers for the given transaction, Paragraph takes the full fee from the referrer addresses.

Optimism & Base

We charge a 0.000777 ETH mint fee, with the following reward breakdown:

  • 0.000333 ETH to the creator
  • 0.000222 ETH to the Paragraph platform
  • 0.000111 ETH to the 'creator referrer'
  • 0.000111 ETH to the 'reader referrer'


We charge a 2 MATIC mint fee, with the following reward breakdown:

  • 0.8 MATIC to the creator
  • 0.6 MATIC to the Paragraph platform
  • 0.3 MATIC to the creator referrer
  • 0.3 MATIC to the reader referrer


This is a table of examples using the Optimism breakdown above:

CreatorCreator referrerReader referrerParagraph
No referrers; regular free mint0.000333000.000444
Free mint, Single minter referrer0.00033300.0001110.000333
Free mint, Single creator referrer0.0003330.00011100.000333
Paid mint, no referrers0.000333000.000444
Paid mint, both referrers0.0003330.0001110.0001110.000222


  • The user needs to be a new user to Paragraph for the creator referrer reward to be set. The user must not have had any Paragraph account before.
  • The reader referrer reward is set only on the publication that you referred the user to. If you refer the reader to a different page (such as the Paragraph landing page), no reader referrer reward will be set
  • Only a single creator or reader referrer reward can be set at any given time. The referrers expire after 7 days, after which a new one can be set.

Integrating with our smart contracts

If you're a curator (eg or interested in getting reader referral fees for mints you refer to us, you can do so by calling the following method on our Paragraph ERC721s:

mintWithReferrer(address recipientOfNFT, address mintReferrer)

If you're interested in a deeper integration (eg, possibly for getting creator referral fees), reach out to us at