Advanced Concepts

Create a referral program for your newsletter

We integrate with Sharemint so you can create a web3-native referral program, integrated directly into Paragraph.

This lets you incentivize & reward others to help you grow.

Setting up a referral program

Connect your wallet to Sharemint.

Create a new newsletter project on Sharemint, and enter in a project name, slug & description.

Then, enter in your slug. (If your Paragraph URL is, then the slug would be blog). If you have a custom domain, the slug is the slug in your Paragraph settings (not the custom domain).

When you're finished onboarding onto Sharemint, you'll be given an affiliate sign-up page.

Share this sign-up page with your readers, and they can generate unique referral links that look like:

Sharemint Affiliate link

Now, when those readers share this URL with their network or on social media, and begin getting you subscribers, they'll get attributed with every subscriber.

You can view the total count of subscribers that your affiliates referred.

You can choose to reward affiliates with anything: physical goods, cryotocurrency payouts, issuing airdrops or unique NFTs, token-gated access to future Paragraph content, etc. It often helps to have tiered benefits, eg: "Refer 10 users and we'll airdrop a unique NFT; refer 100 users and you'll get permanent, lifetime access to your content."